Products and Services

The opportunity to provide tailored, high-end investment advice has never been better for independent firms such as Neas Financial Group, LLC. In the last several years, a sizable financial services industry has arisen to provide the independent channel with a full range of products and services. This leveling of the playing field has allowed Neas Financial Group and other firms to effectively compete with even our largest competitors.

Neas Financial Group, LLC offers clients robust investment management capabilities through an open architecture platform. This means clients can participate in the broadest possible array of investment opportunities, rather than be captive to the proprietary cultures at the large brokerage firms.

Investment opportunities for Neas Financial Group clients include:

Derivatives and Structured Products Options Trading Strategies
Money Manager Access Global Asset Allocation Modeling
Equity Wealth Management Fixed Income
Short Term Cash Management Alternative Investments
Restricted Securities and Control Stock Management

Additional Account Services include:

  • Online account access
  • Check writing and online bill payment
  • Detailed performance reporting